We bought this 70  Barracuda from the manager of a Dodge dealership in Savannah Georgia. This was his personal car, and, along with a 70 Chevelle he owned, he had decided to retire and sell his "toys". We found the ad for the car online, even though he had only placed it in a local Georgia paper.

Although the car was quite nice when we bought it, it was still not a showcar. The paint was fairly fresh, but had lots of "swirlmarks" in it, as well as having the passenger fender being a slightly different shade of red compared to the rest of the car.  The engine compartment was "a mess" to put it nicely, with a black spray-paint quality paintjob, along with fair amounts of built up grease and grime.

Still though, from the outside, and interior, the car was quite presentable and looked great going down the road.  It's got a split bench seat (pretty rare on a Barracuda) and column shifted auto.

This car was purchased with a 318 in it, although the owner thought he had a 340.

Here's what she looked like when purchased:

Dscn0268_2.jpg (50162 bytes) 

This is the engine compartment when we got the car:

DCP_2437.JPG (213975 bytes) DCP_1928.JPG (242774 bytes) 

We had the engine compartment and underside of the hood sandblasted to strip all the old black paint off. After this, we went ahead and painted the engine compartment and underhood in "Flame Red", a color from the late 90's Dodge trucks.  

DCP_2480.JPG (191184 bytes)

We found a 340 engine for sale from a guy north of Denver. This was a 72 block. We installed 10:1 forged TRW pistons in the block. The heads had new Edelbrock valve springs installed, and we had hardened valve seats installed in the 2.02 valve "J" heads. The heads were milled .020". We installed a Comp Cams cam with 276 duration, 476 lift.  We had headers ceramic coated inside & out. Added an Edelbrock "Air-gap" intake. New chrome valve covers, chrome alternator.

DCP_2597.JPG (209437 bytes) DCP_2601.JPG (248213 bytes) 

The engine was then installed.  We also had swapped out the stock 904 transmission for a smallblock 727, which necessitated having the driveshaft shortened. Instead of shortening the lighter duty shaft that came in the car, we had a B-body driveshaft shortened.

We then fixed a couple spots on the car - a small rust spot on the drivers door that was causing the paint to bubble, and a deep ding on the driver's quarter panel.  Also, we reworked some bodywork around the marker light on the passenger fender - this fender had apparently been hit, thus the different color than the rest of the car.

DCP_2633.JPG (207849 bytes) DCP_2637.JPG (201947 bytes) 

The entire car was then wet-sanded with 400 grit to prep for sealer.

DCP_2638.JPG (236009 bytes) 

The car was then sealed, and painted base/clear Flame Red all over

DCP_2639.JPG (166958 bytes) DCP_2641.JPG (151049 bytes) DCP_2642.JPG (148311 bytes) DCP_2643.JPG (143475 bytes) 

And here is what we have today

Dcp_2686.jpg (182149 bytes) DCP_2788.JPG (255178 bytes) 

Here's Katrina running down the 1/4 mile strip in Pueblo, CO

Dcp_2800.jpg (67042 bytes)

January 2004 - We had to send the 340's harmonic balancer off to be rebuilt as it was unstable due to the original rubber deteriorating. This was causing the engine to throw belts at high RPM, as the crank pulley did a bit of a dance. We had it done by the "Damper Doc" in California.  

Also, we upgrade the 8 3/4 rear with a clutch style sure grip, keeping the 3.23 gears in place.

A new set of chrome pulleys from Bouchillon Performance were installed on the crank, water pump and power steering.

We're planning on heading out with the Barracuda and the 72 Satellite to the 2004 Mopars At the Strip in Las Vegas this year.  We went to the show for it's "first annual" in 2003 but didn't bring any cars.

March 2004 - Attended Mopars-at-the-Strip, but didn't win any trophies. Got plenty of compliments on the car though. Lots of really nice E-Body's, and other cars there.  Katrina ran the car down the strip and netted a 14.8 time slip. She would have run it more, but we were nagged by overheating problems. The fact that the temps on the track were well over 90 didn't help.

May 2004 - We replaced the Griffin aluminum radiator with a more stock style black radiator from Modine and finally cured the constant overheating problem. Not sure what was wrong with that alum. radiator, but it just wasn't working. 

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Updated 05/25/2004