Early in 2001, I purchased this 70 Roadrunner from a young family guy in Kansas who could no longer afford to keep this and his other mopar. I have the build sheet and the fender tag on this one. It's got its original Vitamin C exterior and Burnt Orange interior colors. 

It has the air grabber hood, which I got working shortly after taking ownership by running 30 feet of new vacuum line. Original engine was a 383, but in it now is a strong '69 440. The original 8 3/4 rear was swapped for a Dana 60, and it still has the original 727 auto.

With the exception of a little rust on the quarter behind the passenger side wheel, it's a rust free car, bought new in Oklahoma. The paintjob is probably 10 years old and could stand to be redone, but regardless this car gets thumbs-up wherever I go.

Since I've owned it, I replaced the torn carpet, swapped out the cracked dash pad (finding Burnt Orange interior parts is not easy!), swapped a tan steering wheel center for a burnt orange one, repaired some wiring problems, and replaced a leaking water pump. I also got the stock tach working, but unfortunately the clock only works when IT feels like it.

At the Mopars at Thunder Mountain show just outside Denver, I made two dragstrip runs in time trials and received a best of 14.2 in the quarter. Keeping in mind the 6000ft elevation of the track, this should be a mid 13 second car at sea level.

I really like this car - it rides great and has lots of power. I need to install the new headliner I purchased, and get the rear seat redone still.

Funny thing is, I have not seen another 70 Roadrunner in the Colorado Springs area, so I get to feel a bit unique (although I do have another 70 RR.)

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