I've always wanted a 70 Super Bee - these cars have a love-it or hate-it style with those dual wrap-around front bumpers. Obviously, I fall into the "love-it" category. I bought this car from a guy named Denny in Colby,  Kansas. The car has an interesting story  - 

Back in about 1976, the owner of the car had decided to turn it into a racecar. It was repainted the original "F8" dark green metallic, the original 383 engine was then pulled to get ready for a race 440. The front seats were removed in preparation for supportive racing seats. Then, I'm not sure why, but the guy decided to put the race 440 in a different car. That left this freshly painted Bee in a garage without an engine. Maybe he figured he'd get back to this project later.

Fast forward to 1997, and this Bee is STILL sitting in that same garage, unmolested, left just as it was 21 years earlier without an engine. Denny manages to buy the car from the owner and puts a 1970 vintage 383 back in the car, not the original engine though, which was long gone. He had the transmission rebuilt with performance in mind and it was back on the road again, with hardly 70,000 miles on this rust-free body. The original front seats were put back in the car, but unfortunately they were not stored in the same dry, light-free garage as the car, so they have a few splits in them and currently sport some cheap seatcovers.

Denny also had the rear rally wheels widened to 8" for some nice big meats in the back. The paint has some imperfections and could use polishing, but has held up very well for a repaint. 

The car has a healthy list of options, including auto transmission, 15" rally wheels, light group, 6-way adjustable front buckets, air conditioning, tinted glass, AM 8-track radio and rear speakers. This was roughly a $4000 car in 1970. It also originally came with the "C" stripe in green, which I have never seen before. The stripe was not put back on when the car was repainted.

The AM 8-track still works and plays through the front dash speakers. Anyone want to send me any 8-track tapes?? 

Denny gave me the car's original build sheet, and some information on the original owner, who I plan to contact to see if I can get a picture of the car when it was new. (Update, I cant find the address of the original owners)

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Here's an updated picture with the dashpad replaced and new covers on the seats - still haven't done the carpet at this point (although it's done now)

DCP_1788.JPG (178739 bytes) 

I moved the Sun Super Tach into the empty holding spot in the rallye dash. Looks a lot cleaner than hanging outside as before

DCP_1898.JPG (151289 bytes)

June 2002 - I installed white reverse "C" stripes onto the car from Performance Car Graphics. Unfortunately, nobody makes the stripes in the correct Ledger Green. Here's a pic of me & the car on the way back from the Mopar Magic weekend show in Grand Junction.

DCP_2182.JPG (191582 bytes)

Email me if you'd like to know more about this car .

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Updated 07/10/2002