** SOLD **

It's new home is in Houston Texas....

It's a real 1971 Plymouth GTX, with VIN number RS23U1G1*****.    Clear Colorado Title.

Please read the entire description and view the pictures before bidding.

I bought this car about 4 years ago with the intention of restoring it, but I've come to the realization that I just don't have the time or finances to restore this one, along with the other projects I'm working on. To fund the build of my 70 Challenger, I'm going to let this one go.  This car has sat in my garage for the whole time I've owned it - I have not done much to the car other than gather a few parts - I have not driven the car except around my property a bit.  You can not drive this car home.

From the fender tag, it's an original 440 Auto with console, B2 blue exterior with B5 blue bucket seat interior and black vinyl top.   When was the last time you saw a 71 GTX that was B2 blue??   This one has been repainted to what looks like B7 blue, but you can see the light blue showing through.

I do not have a broadcast sheet for it, though I have not looked under the seats or in the front seatbacks.

This car is a great starting point, but it needs a full restoration.

Though it drives, you should arrange to pick the car up on a trailer, or flatbed it out, as it would not pass the requirements of many shippers due to the shifter and the gas tank issue - please read below.


The car currently has a 383 in it, I believe a '67 model. It does not have electronic ignition.  I do not know if the trans is matching numbers or not - it wasn't important to me since the engine was non original. It's got an 8 3/4 rear - I am unsure of the gears or whether its a suregrip.

Though I would never call any car "Rust Free", the body on this car is pretty darn close, which is why I bought it in the first place.  There is a very small amount of rust behind each rear wheel, on the very lower part of the quarter panel. The floors, trunk, fenders, frame, and seemingly everything else is rust free as far as I can tell.  Please see the pictures as reference.

The 383 runs good, though as mentioned I have not driven the car on the road. The gas tank has a dent in it (see pic) and I have been running the car by an attached fuel line that I put into a gas can. You could probably run it from this banged up tank if you kept it pretty full, but I'm not going to fill it up with these fuel prices just to see.

The thermoquad linkage sticks a bit and doesn't kick down to a low idle easily (if you move it by hand on the carb its ok).  I've never registered it.  All the wheels are only held on with 2 nuts.  The trans seems to slip a little, but could be from lack of use / sitting too long. Maybe it just needs new fluid & filter.  The passenger side "GTX rocker molding" is missing.  GTX emblems are missing from the quarters, dash and grille.  Rear side marker lights are broken, but I have original replacements that go with the car (see trunk pic). One front marker light is broken - I don't have that.  One taillight has a small crack, see pic.  The trunk has a "gouge" in it that will need to be repaired.  The front bumper is bent out, but a good replacement goes with the car.  I picked up a lower front valance to replace the missing one. It could use a little straightening - see pic.  Lower rear valance has been hacked at where the exhaust tips exit.

There are miscellaneous door dings and such, but the car is real straight and appears to never have been in an accident.  The lower grille that goes in the valance has the tabs broken off. This goes with the car and can likely be repaired.

The seats need to be recovered - the passenger seat looks nice but the vinyl is dried out. The rear seats are from a 73 I believe. Dash pad has cracks. The car has the rallye gauges but, as is commonly found, someone has hacked a hole for an aftermarket radio.  

I have a green center console that goes with the car.  The shifter mechanism inside is not attached to the interior of the car - previous owner was going to convert to 4speed, and removed the interior linkage. I have replacements that go with the car, but the brackets need to be welded back on.  I have a welder and could tack-weld this in place for now.  To shift the car, I have to move the linkage by hand.

Brakes seem fine while driving around in my yard. It does have power disc brakes.

If the price goes over $6000, I will include a very nice, uncut Rallye gauge cluster, as well as an original set of the slotted exhaust tips that are in nice condition.

Here is how the full fender tag decodes:




440-4 Barrel High Performance


H-D A-727 TorqueFlite Trans


R = Plymouth GTX

S = Special

23 = 2 Door Hardtop


U = 440 370HP 1-4BBL 8 CYL

1 = 1971

G = St. Louis, MO, USA


Sequence Number


Paint Code: Light Blue Metallic


Trim Grade/Style/Color

P = Premium

6 = Vinyl Bucket Seats

B5 = Medium Blue


Upper Door Frame: Dark Blue Metallic


Date Built: 12 / 01 / 1970


Order Number: 097732


Roof Type OR Color:  Full Vinyl Top - Black


Built to Specifications for USA Order


Light Package


Basic (Radio) Group


Front Disc Brakes Some Yrs. Power


Power Assisted Brakes


Console w/ Buckets


Unknown At This Time


Left Hand Outside Mirror - Manual / Chrome


3 Speed Variable Wipers


Inside Hood Release


Hood / Fender Mount Turn Signal


Roof Drip Rail Moldings


Wide Sill Molding


Belt & Hood Molding


Duel Exhaust w/o Tips


Chrome Duel Exhaust Tips


Music Master Radio AM


Performance Hood Treatment


Accent Stripes - Black


End of Codes

Pictures - all from 4/29/06



Cash, Cashiers Check or Paypal accepted.  I expect the car to be paid in full within 7 days of auction close. If you do not have the funds, do not bid.  I can store the car indoors while you arrange shipping / pick-up for a reasonable time (up to 6 weeks) once payment is made.

No scammers.  Your bid is a contract.


Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional pictures beyond what is already shown.