This 72  Barracuda came "almost" from the original owner. A guy in San Diego purchased it from the original owner in 2001, and a few months later had to sell it to buy a truck for work. The original owner was the cliche "little old lady", who, at age 90 could no longer drive the car.  She bought the car in the San Diego area when she was nearly 60 years old! When she wasn't driving it, the car was always garaged. 

Original color was FY1 - Lemon Twist yellow, but some time ago it was painted a lighter shade of yellow (maybe granny was getting blinded by the color?!?). It's a totally unmolested car, nearly as it left the factory, albeit there are the tell-tale fender dings and bumper bends of someone who probably shouldn't have been allowed in parking lots.

There is very little rust, except for the trunk - what was up with the design of these cars that let water seep into the trunk and rot them out? The interior is MINT, and totally original. Both front and rear bumpers needs straightening or replacing, and she hit something that crinkled the drivers fender by the headlight.

Specs on the car - it's a 318, slap-stik auto. Black buckets interior. Car has air conditioning that works, an AM/FM that works, dual exhaust, 8 3/4 rear, 'cuda hood and fender signals. 

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