72 Satellite, painted Zinc Yellow

I love this 71/72 body style. I've wanted a 4speed car in this style for quite a while, and finally the opportunity came up to get this one. I bought it in August, 2001 from a guy in Utah.

This car has an interesting and very unique history. It seems it was built for export to Europe, likely a German speaking country as evidenced by a tag reading "W B Nummer 9626" attached underhood on the passenger fender, and the "I" code on the fender tag (for International). Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine the original owners.

The car needs interior work and paint, but has a very solid rust-free body. Original color was two-tone B5 blue with silver, and it still has the original black interior.

The original 400 is long gone and has been replaced by a 440 built by a Grand Junction engine builder and was dyno'd at over 500hp. That is backed by an A-833 4spd and 8.75 rear. Not sure of the gears yet.

Email me if you have more information on exported cars and where I might find a gauge cluster listed in Kilometers Per Hour.

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May 2002 - I redid the seats and have been working on getting the car on the road. Here's a shot of the seats in my messy workshop.

 DCP_1800.JPG (243425 bytes)

I replaced the carpet. I've got the dash pad off and am currently replacing the melted wires in the wiring harness. Tip: If you are driving your mopar and the ammeter is showing Full Charge when it shouldn't be, do yourself a favor and shut the car off before you are dealing with a mass of melted wires. I wish the previous owner did this, and I wouldn't now be replacing this mess.

June 2002 - I've got the car on the road finally. Electrical is sorted out. Had to pull the timing cover and set the cam timing, as the car wouldn't rev over 3500rpms. The cam timing was off a fair amount, but now it's lined up and revs as it should. I updated the main picture at the top of this page.

Here is a shot of the seats, carpet and dash pad installed. I decided not to install the center console back in the car, and instead am using the console mounting bracket to put the temp & oil pressure guages.

DCP_2099.JPG (200817 bytes) DCP_2098.JPG (196030 bytes)

April/May 2003 - I tore down the engine to replace all gaskets, install a new Comp Cams Xtreme Energy cam & lifters, and a new timing set. The engine was painted the correct Mopar blue for the 1972 year. I had the 7-blade fan and valve covers powder coated in bright yellow.  I have subsequently swapped the valve covers for a set of the polished Mopar Performance covers though, as there was just "too much" yellow in the engine compartment.  I bought a chrome Powermaster alternator to provide a bit more current.

Dcp_2698.jpg (96097 bytes) 

May/June  2003 - Stripped the paint off the car and did the bodywork. The car wasn't bad at all as far as rust - only needed to weld in about 5 small patches.

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The Engine compartment and the hood were media blasted to clean them up

DCP_2612.JPG (153328 bytes) 

I replaced all the gaskets and seals in the A833 4speed, cleaned it up and painted it Mopar blue. Check out how my son Kohl takes the trans for a ride!

DCP_2613.JPG (235807 bytes) DCP_2624.JPG (267626 bytes) 

August 2003 - The car's finally been painted! After working on it for a better part of the spring & summer of 2003, I painted it "Zinc Yellow" from the 2002 Mustang GT's. The paint is Diamont brand (same paint used on new Mercedes & BMW).  With the help of my friend Terry Pace, we did all the bodywork and paint. I installed the canopy vinyl roof I bought from Legendary interiors.

Terry sprays some primer:

DCP_2729.JPG (151805 bytes) ... then before some block sanding DCP_2753.JPG (166775 bytes)

In the home-made paint booth DCP_2781.JPG (113498 bytes) DCP_2761.JPG (108432 bytes) 

I painted the engine compartment with a touch-up gun.

Before After
DCP_2599.JPG (253074 bytes) DCP_2760.JPG (145688 bytes)

Here she is outside. The car was painted with an inexpensive HVLP gun from Harbor Freight!

72Satellite2.jpg (71233 bytes) Dcp_2809.jpg (122954 bytes) 72SatEngine.jpg (138508 bytes) 

October 2003 - I'm replacing the exhaust system with a full 2 1/2" mandrel bent system from Torque Tech. It will have Walker Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers.  I am also swapping out the 2.76 rear gears for 3.73's in the 8 3/4 rear, and adding a sure-grip.

February  2004 - Added the stripes to the deck lid.  Dcp_2866.jpg (256299 bytes) Looks pretty cool, I think...

March  2004 - I'm happy to say that I entered the Satellite in the 71-up B Body modified category at Mopars-at-the-Strip in Las Vegas and came away with a 2nd place trophy. I also took the opportunity to run it down the track, but discovered that I have a nasty vibration in the high RPM range. I decided not to run it any more to prevent breaking something..

Also, watch for a picture of my car to appear in the July issue of Hot Rod. It should look something like this:

 Dcp_2885.jpg (68376 bytes). The Hot Rod photographers got 6 colorful mopars together and shot it from high above. I haven't seen the issue yet. Cant wait!

Also, during this shoot, I got to meet Steve Dulcich, who writes a lot of tech articles for Mopar Muscle. Here he is standing with me at my car Dcp_2887.jpg (66293 bytes) . I wish I had 1/2 the knowledge Steve has about these cars!


October  2005 - The Satellite made the pages of Mopar Muscle, in the October 2005 issue in the Readers Rides section. Pretty cool! Click the picture to see the write-up.

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