We bought this 73 Barracuda from the original owner in the winter of 2000 for my wife. The owner  purchased the car new in Illinois and used it to drive to college. He drove it back to Colorado, where he still lives, after graduating. 

Not being a "car guy", the original owner basically left everything as it came from the factory, and always took it to professionals for service. Along the way, he had replaced the original radio, but saved the original and gave it to me when the purchase was made. It still has the original spare in the trunk and it's original paint. 

There is zero rust, as the original owner had the car "Ziebart" coated after the purchase. This is a process where small holes are drilled into the car and an undercoating material is shot in, and the holes are then plugged with yellow plastic plugs. It also has full undercoating, etc. thus preserving the metal for almost 30 years so far.

It has a 318 2bbl, with a slap-stick auto, "cuda" hood, 14" rallye wheels, chrome racing mirrors, and an 8.75 rear. There are about 115,000 orig. miles.

The interior is basically trashed from years of neglect. The "Playboy" seat covers were installed too late to save the seats, and the dash has more waves in it than a day at the beach. We purchased new interior parts from Year One and Legendary, and are installing them now. The vinyl roof has peeled quite a bit, so that will need replacing.

My wife wants to change the drab brown color of this car to a nice Hemi Orange color, to remind her of a 72 Barracuda she had growing up. Can't say I blame her!

I will post more pictures as we make progress.

Update Nov, 2002.

Here are a few pictures of what we are working on:

DCP_2041.JPG (168422 bytes) Here's what the vinyl roof looks like. Ugh.

DCP_1805.JPG (223920 bytes) This is what the seats looked like when we pulled them out.

DCP_1804.JPG (220702 bytes) Here's the 318 in all it's glory. This will be coming out and will be replaced with a big block.

DCP_2040.JPG (208752 bytes) We replaced the passenger quarter window. This is the original with the chrome hanging off.

DCP_1802.JPG (192623 bytes) The dash is completely out.

DCP_1931.JPG (135735 bytes) We replaced the dash with a new one from Year One. The new carpet is in place here too.

DCP_1803.JPG (180281 bytes) Here is the newly recovered back seat in place.

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