I purchased this car shortly after moving to Colorado in early 2000 from someone who worked in the bodyshop at Fort Carson. It is a super straight rust free car with only 52,000 original miles. I have the build sheet and it indicates an original color of silver, with a blue interior. A great deal of effort was spent to change this to a B5 exterior and black interior. The original 400ci engine was long gone, and a stock '78 vintage 440 was in it's place, but it's backed by the original 727 auto and 8 3/4 rear.  It currently has cop-car wheels, with correct '73 rallye wheel center caps, but it's a pretty cool look, I think.

I have not done anything to the exterior of the car, and other than one imperfection in the paint where it was buffed out too much, I don't need to.

On the interior, I did replace the carpet, package tray, woodgrain console insert. A previous owner had redone the seats in the original style vinyl, apparently to accomodate the color change. The last blue item inside was the steering wheel, which I replaced with a black one purchased off EBay.

Over the winter of 2000/2001, I pulled the engine because of a blown head gasket, and a desire to swap the cam for more performance. Mods made include adding a set of Hooker competition headers, Holley fuel pump, Edelbrock performer manifold, Mopar Performance 284/484 cam, Edelbrock valvesprings, Edelbrock timing chain & gears, and new Edelbrock 750cfm carb.

Unfortunately, after putting it all together, it just didn't seem to have the power it should, and didn't want to run when in gear. After trying numerous fixes on my own, I've resorted to having a professional look at it.

Update (July 23,2000) - After having a Mopar Performance 166K (appx 2300 stall) torque converter installed, along with a B&M flexplate, my idling problems are solved. Also, off-idle performance is back in a big way, as the engine has a chance to wind up a bit before moving. I'm going to adjust the timing a bit, and perhaps use one of my other carbs on the car, but basically we're back on the road!

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The interior shot above shows the car just after I purchased it.


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