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My love (some might say obsession) for Mopar musclecars dates back to about 1982, my senior year of high school in Massachusetts. Up the street from a good friend was a bright yellow car, the likes of which I had never seen before.  As it turns out, it was a 73 Roadrunner, lemon twist in color with the black strobe stripe and hood stripe.  Over a period of 6 months or so, I would take every opportunity to drive by that car just to look at it. Then one day when I drove by, there was a For Sale sign in the window!  I couldn't believe it - my chance to own this baby.  A mere $2500 later in 1983 dollars, it was mine.

This was a 318, 3 speed manual car, but the owner gave me an A833 4 speed with it, and with the help of some friends we swapped in the 4 speed without too much difficulty. Now, at that time I really didn't know much about cars, nevermind Mopars. All I knew was I liked working on it and that I would never go back to Chevy's again. My friends were either into Mustangs or various GM products, nobody else had a Mopar. Finally, my brother Matt was bitten by the bug and bought a 72 340 Duster with a 4speed. That car was FAST.

Eventually, I saved the money to have the bodywork done and a new coat of Lemon Twist put on. It took nearly an entire winter, but when it was done, it looked fabulous!  Along the way, I learned that the little 318 had 340 heads. I installed an Edelbrock manifold, headers, lots of chrome goodies and aluminum wheels. The interior was a stock black bench seat, and in great shape.  I swapped the cracked dash for a mint one I found in a junkyard (those were the days!!)

At that point, I was entering local shows and usually winning 2nd place trophies (damn that 71 orange Roadrunner I was always up against).  I was fully into Mopars by then and knew what they all were. I remained partial to B Bodies, although there were many E and A Bodies I look a liking to as well.

Sadly, as many of us have done, I sold my car after 11 years of ownership. I had moved to Texas and had noplace to park it. It was sitting unused at my parents house for over a year before I decided to sell it.


ROADRUN.JPG (51307 bytes)

Here is a picture of my first Mopar. Click for fullsize.
  For many years, I was without a mopar. In 1998, I decided to become a "pickup man" and ordered a Ram Quadcab 1500 with the 5.2 with all the options and I chose black as the color. It was a long 6 weeks, but it finally arrived and I was driving a mopar again.

DCP_0181.JPG (315330 bytes)

 A picture of my 98 Ram Quadcab, after adding a Leer shell.
  Through many of lifes changes (getting married, having kids, moving) I remained a Mopar musclecar fan, but didn't have the space or the financial freedom to fulfill my desire to own one again.

Then.... my wife and I decided to move out of the congested California Bay Area into the open space of the Colorado Springs area. We bought a big house on 40 acres, and we had more garages/storage buildings than we knew what to do with.

At this point, I started looking for another 73 Roadrunner.... and the saga begins...


Click on a picture for more pics and details on that car.


For Sale On Ebay
1973 Roadrunner, originally a 400, now 440 auto. Painted B5 blue, black buckets interior with slapstick console, A/C, rear defog, 52,000 orig. miles 1970 Challenger R/T, 383 4speed. Numbers matching car, originally Plum Crazy with white buckets interior, NO console. 1970 Roadrunner, orig. 383, now 440 auto. Vitamin C exterior with Burnt Orange interior, Air Grabber, Dana rear. Dcp_1687.jpg (90706 bytes) *sold*
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